It’s so much harder than it sounds

…to just come back!

I really really want to, not for the sake of my reader(s), but for myself. I have this thing where I just don’t stick to a project and its happening with this. I want to prove that I can actually continue. So I’ve been wanting to actually start again for ages, but now the sound on my computer has just SUDDENLY stopped working, and its the most annoying thing in the world, because I really, more than anything, do not want to watch anime without sound. I reckon it’s the sound card, so I’m trying to update my driver. As soon as I fix this problem, I’ll be back!



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I’m not going to give in so easily. No way. Yes I know that my blog is dead, or was, but I’m going to bring it back to life. I will not let it die so easily. Its a new season, so I’ll try to pick up some stuff.

  • I’ll be doing Hitman Reborn! of course
  • I really do like Torodara! so I’ll probably do this one as well
  • Gundam 00 is one that I’ll probably frequent from time to time
  • Same goes for Shugo Chara Doki!
  • …And also Tales of the Abyss I dont know what I think about that yet
  • And of course Eve no Jikan I think that it is brilliant, so I’ll do that

And I dont know about anything else yet

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Not that anyone was really missing me…
I took a little break from blogging anything, and I actually do have to say sorry about the lack of Hitman Reborn! Posts. Now I know you’re thinking, who the hell are you talking to… no one actually reads your posts, but that’s actually not true, Reborn! posts always get a nice amount of hits per day, and looking around the blogsphere no one really seriously follows it, so I shall do it!

BTW… Tsuna looks sooo badass in the new manga chapters, I might cover that as well actually

This anime season has actually come close to KILLING me, I’m dying waiting for Autumn (Fall) anime season!!

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Casshern Sins…

Looks so exciting don’t you think… and if you havent already seen the trailer then watch it now

… also, I just finished watching Furi Kuri and I have to say, I loved it!

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Eve No Jikan

Is well worth the watch, if you’ve seen

Mizu no Kotoba and you liked it, then this one really is up your street.

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Code Geass 21

-Suzaku, Lelouch’s Knight of Zero, has a wonderful ring to it doesnt it

-It looks like Nunally is actually dead, thank god

– What difference does it make that Lelouch has double Geass?

-Whats with C.C’s troubled face near the end?

-Code Geass, I still don’t know why you keep complicating yourself, but all I know is that I love watching you.

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Hitman Reborn! 97

Hardly anything new, it was just a recap episode narrated by Gokudera. I have to say, with these long-running shonen anime, watching them episode by episode is really never as fun as just racing through them. Reborn! Really doesn’t need a recap episode to crush its momentum, not that it was fast paced before or anything. Hopefully next week they’ll be some action.

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