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A Hundred Years of Solitude – my life in books

A Hundred Years of Solitude is the last book I finished. I had seen it referenced in a book that I once read in my earlier teen years when I was ashamedly obsessed with post-modernist literature. Derailed by the length and the depth of the book I put it off until a very special person recommended me it. Now, this book is most definitely my favourite book of all time, but I wonder if I had not been recommended this book my a person that I valued so much, would it still claim that rank? 

This book, A Hundred Years of Solitude means so much more to be than any other great work of literature has. Tinged with a personal loss in my life, the story of the Buendia family’s continual cycle of loss and selfishness helped shape my opinion our own mortality as humans and how our actions, if not reviewed could end up destroying our future. 

What truly made this book stand out for me was my first real introduction into the wonderful realms of magical realism. The way that Marquez manages to combine the everyday and supernatural events, switching the emphasis on the two, completley took me away from the troubles of my life. 

More than the sheer beauty of the prose and the perfectly crafted narrative of the book, A Hundred Years of Solitude defines a stage in my life where I loved for the first time and I lost and for this reason, more than any, it is the most important book of my life. 


– ribbonz 



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My mum always wanted me to

write in a diary when I was younger, and I never did because I thought it was gay and a waste of my time. Now whenever I feel the urge to talk about something I always consider coming here, like this blog some kind of online diary, which I guess in some ways it is. I dont really see the difference, I don’t know why I decide to decorate the internet with my own personal ramblings about nothing, I wonder if its the thought that someone might stumble across it, and emphasis, and understand, I wonder if its the fact that I’m using a keyboard and not a pen and paper, which if that is the case is ironic since I want nothing more than be able to earn money off writing. Its funny how good I feel now after talking about nothing, but its nice, I guess im going through a ‘before’ life crisis, as in I haven’t started living, not really, but i’m waiting and waiting but nothings changed and I feel bad and boring and hopeless. I wrote a couple more lines just then, but my grammar was getting slack so I had to delete them. I think I’ll do this from now on.. peace out

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Each time

I leave my house for a cigarette
I always wish that I take my camera with me. The view is nothing great, in fact I only walk up to a block of flats near my house, but its these really nice, calm, hazy spring days that I want to remember.

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My blog sucksss

so lets just forget about it

but i’ll tell you about a book that I just read Less than Zer0

read it or dieeeee

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Omfg I didn’t know this



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Yeah… this isnt working out

I think its quite evident that this blog just isn’t working out, its just a bit of a waste of cyberspace, because I can’t commit to even watching the anime episodes let alone writing about them. I do however, still want to write because it’s nice, and for some reason if I were to have a diary, I’d never write in it, so I’ll use this instead with the occasional anime picture

xx ribbonz

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It’s so much harder than it sounds

…to just come back!

I really really want to, not for the sake of my reader(s), but for myself. I have this thing where I just don’t stick to a project and its happening with this. I want to prove that I can actually continue. So I’ve been wanting to actually start again for ages, but now the sound on my computer has just SUDDENLY stopped working, and its the most annoying thing in the world, because I really, more than anything, do not want to watch anime without sound. I reckon it’s the sound card, so I’m trying to update my driver. As soon as I fix this problem, I’ll be back!


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