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Kare Kano Review

I can’t believe that I actually finally finished Kare Kano, I started it ages ago and due to lack of interest and inability it anywhere I kind of forgot about it. I dunno why, but I decided to pick it again, and thinking about it now I’m kind of glad that I did. When I first started Kare Kano, I thought that it was amazing and almost perfect and I loved the way that it changed art styles and the emotions that surging through the anime. Now, I’m a lot different, I dunno, but what I would have originally have given a 10 is now like a 7.9 in my charts.

Kare Kano is a sweet story about a attention seeking girl Yukino, who pretends to be a ‘model student’ but shes not, and this real model student named Arima. They meet, Arima finds out her secret and eventually they fall in love.
Kare Kano is incredibly cute, the minor characters are also given a nice amount of development and its not afraid to really plunge into the story. The only thing that really annoyed me was that Yukino and Arima never really had that much development after they got together, they could have gone through so much more. I also really disliked all the angst that was just floating around Arima, to me in the end, I was like get away from Yukino you freak, but anyway…
Overall, Kare Kano is a nice watch, and it does leave you with a smile on your face. I recommend this for anyone who liked Bokura ga Ita.

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