A Hundred Years of Solitude – my life in books

A Hundred Years of Solitude is the last book I finished. I had seen it referenced in a book that I once read in my earlier teen years when I was ashamedly obsessed with post-modernist literature. Derailed by the length and the depth of the book I put it off until a very special person recommended me it. Now, this book is most definitely my favourite book of all time, but I wonder if I had not been recommended this book my a person that I valued so much, would it still claim that rank? 

This book, A Hundred Years of Solitude means so much more to be than any other great work of literature has. Tinged with a personal loss in my life, the story of the Buendia family’s continual cycle of loss and selfishness helped shape my opinion our own mortality as humans and how our actions, if not reviewed could end up destroying our future. 

What truly made this book stand out for me was my first real introduction into the wonderful realms of magical realism. The way that Marquez manages to combine the everyday and supernatural events, switching the emphasis on the two, completley took me away from the troubles of my life. 

More than the sheer beauty of the prose and the perfectly crafted narrative of the book, A Hundred Years of Solitude defines a stage in my life where I loved for the first time and I lost and for this reason, more than any, it is the most important book of my life. 


– ribbonz 



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