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My mum always wanted me to

write in a diary when I was younger, and I never did because I thought it was gay and a waste of my time. Now whenever I feel the urge to talk about something I always consider coming here, like this blog some kind of online diary, which I guess in some ways it is. I dont really see the difference, I don’t know why I decide to decorate the internet with my own personal ramblings about nothing, I wonder if its the thought that someone might stumble across it, and emphasis, and understand, I wonder if its the fact that I’m using a keyboard and not a pen and paper, which if that is the case is ironic since I want nothing more than be able to earn money off writing. Its funny how good I feel now after talking about nothing, but its nice, I guess im going through a ‘before’ life crisis, as in I haven’t started living, not really, but i’m waiting and waiting but nothings changed and I feel bad and boring and hopeless. I wrote a couple more lines just then, but my grammar was getting slack so I had to delete them. I think I’ll do this from now on.. peace out


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