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Omfg I didn’t know this




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Yeah… this isnt working out

I think its quite evident that this blog just isn’t working out, its just a bit of a waste of cyberspace, because I can’t commit to even watching the anime episodes let alone writing about them. I do however, still want to write because it’s nice, and for some reason if I were to have a diary, I’d never write in it, so I’ll use this instead with the occasional anime picture

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Eve no Jikan 3


I wasn’t so excited abAout this episode. It didn’t have nearly enough Sammy in it, who is by far my favourite character. It was all about Koji and Rima who are those ‘lovers’. They both think that the other one is a human, and feel bad about it, both in reality, they are actually just androids.

Ugh, it looks like next episode isn’t going to have that much Sammy in, which is a shame. Nevertheless, this is actually one my favourite ongoing anime right now. I gave the first two episodes 9.5-10/10 but this episode only scored a solid 7, I hope that next episode will be a 10 again.

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