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Not that anyone was really missing me…
I took a little break from blogging anything, and I actually do have to say sorry about the lack of Hitman Reborn! Posts. Now I know you’re thinking, who the hell are you talking to… no one actually reads your posts, but that’s actually not true, Reborn! posts always get a nice amount of hits per day, and looking around the blogsphere no one really seriously follows it, so I shall do it!

BTW… Tsuna looks sooo badass in the new manga chapters, I might cover that as well actually

This anime season has actually come close to KILLING me, I’m dying waiting for Autumn (Fall) anime season!!


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Casshern Sins…

Looks so exciting don’t you think… and if you havent already seen the trailer then watch it now

… also, I just finished watching Furi Kuri and I have to say, I loved it!

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Eve No Jikan

Is well worth the watch, if you’ve seen

Mizu no Kotoba and you liked it, then this one really is up your street.

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Code Geass 21

-Suzaku, Lelouch’s Knight of Zero, has a wonderful ring to it doesnt it

-It looks like Nunally is actually dead, thank god

– What difference does it make that Lelouch has double Geass?

-Whats with C.C’s troubled face near the end?

-Code Geass, I still don’t know why you keep complicating yourself, but all I know is that I love watching you.

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