Hitman Reborn! 96


Well, I never thought that I’d watch Reborn! Again, but thanks to Zano Fansubs, I found episode 96. The one problem with long-running ongoing anime is that the episodes are slow, but this was actually a rather enjoyable episode, it was well worth the wait. Also, I don’t know why, but my screen capture software isn’t working properly for some reason, so I’m gonna wait till I fix it before I add any screen caps.. sorry for the delay =(

-The fight between Tsuna and Hibari goes nowhere, and before Hibari leaves, he tells Tsuna that he has yet to use his weapon

– Tsuna wonders what this means and he thinks about using his gloves as an offensive weapon

-He says sorry to Lambo/Haru

-Reborn notes that even though Yamamoto has improved, he still has a long way to go.

-Ryohei still has some kinda one sided rivalry towards Hibari

-Chrome has some kind of vision of Irie when he was younger with his machine

-Tsuna attempts to use gloves in a different way, with mixed results.


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