Gurren Lagann Review

Gurren Lagann Main Cast
Gurren Lagann Main Cast

Yay! I finished Gurren Lagann, finally. I’m so happy that I actually got through it because during the earlier episodes I was considering dropping it because I hated Kamina so much. He was just so annoying and always shouting and, personally, just too cliche. Gawd. The whole beginning bit (pre -time-skip) just didn’t work out for me, I couldn’t tell what was going on in the fight scenes, and it all seemed too large for life, the only thing that actually kept me watching it was the immense popularity, and the eye-catches.

Just when I had lost all faith in TTGL, the time-skip appeared and all of a sudden everything made so much more sense. I began to understand the fight scenes more and I preferred most of the character designs. The best part about it was the lack of Kamina! To me, the most shocking thing was how touched I was in the final few episodes, I never expected to get so emotionally attached to this anime, and now I’m so happy that I didn’t drop it or put off watching it.


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