Hitman Reborn! 94

Ever since creating my ‘anime blog’, which was a whole 5 hours ago or something, I’ve been finding it quite hard to watch any anime. It’s like I start watching it and then I think, ooh, should I blog it, then I lose interest and then I stop. I couldn’t even make it pass the first 5 minutes through Code Geass! But to my surprise Hitman Reborn! 94 came out subbed today and since it’s my current obsession, I decided to force myself to watch it, without giving up, or worrying about this blog and its nonexistent audience.

The episode starts off with Lambo being annoying as usual, just generally getting in the way when Haru finds him and tells him that Tsuna specifically told her to look after him. Haru and Kyoko then go on about cooking for the boys, as that’s all they seem to do.

Hurry up and go
Lal Milch’s condition is getting worse as even though she can see that Tsuna’s new X-Gloves aren’t helping him much as much, Lal is unable to train him so she sends him to check up on the others, while she passes out as soon as Tsuna leaves the room.

As Tsuna checks in on the others, he realises that no one has made amazing progress and that facing the Millefore in 5 days may actually be impossible.

Meanwhile, Byrakuan-sama confronts his subordinate Leo about him being a mole, and he turns out to be right. Leo is in fact Guido Greco, a 17 year old super villain who escaped from prison. Not only this but Byrakuan-sama also goes on to state that Greco is another Chrome, and the one who is really pulling the strings and Mukuro.

Mukuro transforms into his time-skip self, reveals his true intentions, then the two prepare to fight.

Tsuna gets ready to train again, but as he goes to find Lal Milch, he finds her on the floor, Lal refuses any kind of help saying that she will not become a hindrance to the operation, and Tsuna must make better decisions as the boss.

Dont know anything!
While Tsuna is in deep thought, thinking about ‘which hell he must choose’ Lambo charges in, and demands attention. Tsuna, who already warns Lambo to stop, ends up shouting at Lambo, and at Haru, who defends him.

Reborn then tells Tsuna that Chrome is in danger, that her vital organs are injured, Tsuna realises that this must be something to do with Mukuro.



Well, I’m happy to see that Mukuro is actually having a hard time, because I was so angry when everyone was like ‘Oooh Mukuro’ during the Varia arc. But that aside, I wonder how everybody is going to make a breakthrough with their training, I also wonder how Tsuna is going to get trained, if Lal is so ill, and is Hibari going to step in with his training, and be able to train him without killing him in 5 days.


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